11 Sep

Should steroids be legal?

A lot of people have asked me in the past if steroids should be legal? In my own personal opinion I think that they shouldn’t be legalized. I think that they shouldn’t be legalized because of all of the side effects associated with using them. I have also had this discussion with some people that think it’s OK and should be their legal right to use them as they wish.

Most people that use steroids stick out like a soar thumb. The results that you get from using steroids are pretty dramatic. I have seen some people put on so much muscle mass so quickly it has to be the result of the use of steroids.

This topic has also been in the news a lot lately with all of the scandals in sports these days. If you think about it you may not be able to get as big if you were to not use steroids, but you still would be able to get in great shape just by eating right and taking some over the counter supplements. They are just as good, without all off the side effects associated with steroids.

This is a topic that has received so much debate these days. What is your personal opinion on the legalization of steroids? Don’t hold back, let us know how you really feel.
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