23 Jul

Adolescent weight loss needs to be a top priority

E-Book pictureTheir are just so many kids out their that are overweight and out of shape. I think that the reason so many adolescents are out of shape is because they don’t have any guidance when it comes to weight loss. We as adults need to take a more active role in helping our youth live more active lives and eat healthier. I have a neighbor that actually told me that they don’t have the time to make sure that their kids eat healthy? Folks, it all starts with us adults!
If you are not exercising and eating healthy should you even expect your kids too? Just look at the schools system these days, they are loaded with chips, soda, and candy and all kinds of junk that they don’t need. Sorry about the rant, but this is something that is quite troubling to me.

I also think that the school system could do a much better job on educating our kids on eating a balanced diet and exercise. I feel if more parents would put more pressure on the school system, it will force them to offer out children more healthier food choices.

Their are some things that we can do at home to help our kids get on the right track when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle.

1. We need to get our kids of off the couch and get them moving. Their will be some resistance but they will love you for this later on.
2. Be a healthy role model for your child. Show them how much fun eating healthy can be!

3. Exercise together with your child. Not only will you be getting in great shape together, but this will also bring you closer together and create a long lasting bond.

4. This also helps in other areas of your child’s life such as setting goals, hard work and determination.

What are some of the things that you would do to influence you child’s physical well being? I know that many people will probably read this article and not do anything. Don’t be that person, our children are the future. We just can not afford to do nothing!