10 Sep

Where to find a good Pilates program?

Pilates programAre you tired of searching for a good physiotherapist? Physiotherapy (also called as Physical therapy) is a rehabilitation and physical medicine which helps in repairing the impairments and promoting mobility. These are carried out by physiotherapists or physical therapists. Finding a good physiotherapist has become difficult these days. You need a physiotherapist for many reasons like sports physiotherapy, running injuries, orthopedic rehabilitation and so on. To help you with all your physiotherapy problems St Leonards Physiotherapy is a great choice.

St. Leonards Physiotherapy is a physiotherapy center where all the therapists are well trained and have many years of experience in the field. The team of professionals at St Leonards will patiently listen to your problems first before jumping into any conclusion. They will help you plan a good diet and exercise chart to help you improve your problems.

A physiotherapist of St Leonards is well trained in biochemical, anatomy, skeletal functions an also muscle structure. The physiotherapist here will make a complete body check up to make sure that your problems are addressed in the best way possible. They treat in individual to make sure that you are completely recovered from your problem at the earliest.

St Leonards will provide you a variety of physiotherapy treatments like spinal mobilization therapy, massage, joint mobilization therapy, ergonomic and work station assessments, acupuncture/dry needling, muscle energy and techniques, gait (running or walking) retraining, strength and rehabilitation program and so on.

They also offer a Pilates program. Pilates is nothing but a system of exercises which is done using special apparatus that are designed so as to improve the flexibility, posture, physical strength and also enhance mental awareness. Pilates involves sensible control of all muscular activities in the body. It initially focuses in the development of the core muscle in shoulder girdle and pelvis. The Pilates process does not start with complex exercises initially. It always starts with simple movements in isolated positions. The main aim of Pilates is to help restore normal and natural movement patterns in order to cure injury.

St Leonards follows a special method of assessment process in order to help you improve your musculoskeletal problems. This particular assessment hardly takes 45 minutes and the problems such as strength, flexibility, posture and so on are cured.

They also have training classes in which they teach you as to how your spine and your body co-ordinates and how they should move. Some of the Pilates equipment such as Reformer and Trapeze table and floor equipment such as bands, foam rollers and balls are used to improve the methodology of your exercise.

To make sure there is complete development in each individual the classes held are tailored according to one’s particular issue. There will only be 4 members per class and the classes go on for nine weeks. All the exercises are taught to you here in these classes. Thus, Pilates St Leonards is considered to be the best in town. Whether you have running injuries, back pain or even poor posture, the Pilates program will help you overcome all your injuries.